YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced Extended APK is a modified version that adds features like Ad Free content, Background Playback, Return YouTube Dislike, SponsorBlock, and many more.

Version 19.25.39


Background Play


Return YouTube Dislike

From a few days after today, you’re going to Explore, Watch, Repeat. That’d be happening with YouTube ReVanced Extended, a video streaming platform with no online advertisements, and a plethora of features.

Once we check the global screen-time of Android smartphone users, it’s impossible if we get any other major result, except for YouTube. It was on top always, from the past to the future, as no content provider app can beat it.

Whatever a smartphone user has plans for his whole day, YouTube gets in between anyway, and that’s why it’s the most downloaded and used app on the Google Play Store.

Even if somehow we’d be able to find out the app on the Play Store with the most screen time, YouTube would be the winner.

But after the launching of premium subscription plans by YouTube, most creators started adding countless advertisements to their videos.

Mostly we see more than 4 advertisements on the intro and conclusion of each video, and afterward, the mid-videos are also up to 15 seconds of unskippable ads.

YouTube Vanced made a comeback a few years ago, but that app also got stopped by the official servers. But now we have the YouTube ReVanced, a blessing for YouTube users.

YouTube ReVanced APK

If you’re using YouTube daily, which is really going on, you need this modded version of YouTube as it actually delivers you all the premium features on the same app interface as you used on YouTube before.

The official vibes and library would get installed on your phone with no advertisements, background play, offline download, and most of these features. You can see that the complete premium part of YouTube is coming to you with this app.

What is YouTube Premium Subscription Plan?

Those who don’t know about the YouTube Premium subscription, it’s a paid protocol started by Google’s YouTube app, charging 129.00 INR monthly for having the best privileges.

Basically, when you start using YouTube on any device including Smart Televisions, YouTube throws the largest advertisements, where some are skippable, and others are non-skippable; a headache.

If you are ready to pay this amount to the YouTube community, you can have the premium subscription with all the remarkable benefits.

These benefits include the picture-in-picture which we call PIP mode, through which you can watch the videos while doing some other work on your smartphone with having a small PIP of video down below.

Moreover, you get rid of all those advertisements, including banners, skippable videos, and non-skippable ones.

There are many more privileges, and YouTube also provides a benefit to those who have the Student ID Card and with a bit percent off on the premium. If you’re not, you may have to pay on a subscription basis, where it includes all the below plans to choose among.

Monthly Premium139.00 INR
Quarterly Premium399.00 INR
Annual Premium1,290.00 INR

If you don’t want to go with the side of spending money, you can try out the ReVanced YouTube Extended, which got launched a bit ago after the halt on YouTube Vanced.

The app works similarly as the Vanced, but with some new features and options.

What is YouTube ReVanced Extended?

Those YouTube users who love streaming videos for a long time every day, but feeling distracted by those advertisements, we’re here with the new ultimate version, ReVanced YouTube.

This app works only on the Android smartphones and delivers the ad-free YouTube streaming with all the unlocked premium features.

If YouTube Premium is taking away a large part of your money every month, there is literally this simple resolution for bypassing those payments.

YouTube ReVanced APK Banner

Modified app versions on android smartphones have solutions for all the problems, as YouTube ReVanced is going to solve your YouTube Streaming concerns.

Remember that you’ll also need the MicroG with this YouTube mod if you want to get all those recommendations and playlists you had in your YouTube account.

This is just because the ReVanced version cannot connect directly with the Google account setup on your smartphone.

That function is already being used by the official YouTube application, so you can’t give that permission to the other apps, majorly the third-party modifications.

In this case you’d need a platform to work similarly to Google Account Services, which is this microG used majorly on the Huawei smartphones to use the Google services.

After accessing both these apps, your YouTube Premium journey will get initialized with a blossom of features we’re listing below.

Download YouTube ReVanced or Magisk Module for Android

This time, we have got the premium resolutions for both kinds of Android smartphones, non-rooted Android phones supporting the APK file, and the Magisk Module for the rooted smartphones.

These are the latest versions of YouTube ReVanced Extended, accessible from all the official YouTube services, so you will not find any error codes asking the updates frequently.

Later, if you’ll need an updated version for the ReVanced version, you can get again on our same webpage in future to get the latest modified version.

Mostly we listen to music on YouTube and that’s why the developers have also added the Background play options.

Listeners can also try the ReVanced YouTube Music which is the modification for YouTube Music, again with ad-free music listening, background play, and offline download.

YouTube ReVanced Logo
App NameYouTube ReVanced
DeveloperTeam ReVanced
Requirements8.0 and up
Size97 MB
Last Updated1 day ago

Note: Make sure to update to latest ReVanced MicroG.


  • For Non-Rooted Phones and MicroG is required.
  • We recommend installing using the APK file.

How to Install it?


  • For Rooted Phones and No MicroG needed.
  • MinDetach module is required to separate play store dependencies.

How to Install it?

Download the version as per your requirement and after downloading it, you must need the microG APK too, as the account compatibility only comes through that app.

We’re attaching one more download link below, which will take you to the download page of the ReVanced microG app, compatible with the modifications that developers created for YouTube.

Credit: ReVanced Team | J-hc | XDA Developers



The part you all were waiting for is now living in front of you. Here below, we’ll list out the immense features of using the ReVanced YouTube app.

Most of these features are available in YouTube Premium, as the app also covers so many additional features created by the mod developers that no one can get officially with the YouTube developed by Google.

Let’s now get through all those features with the detailed information about each.

No Advertisements

Most of the YouTube streamers have started hating the streaming part. It’s not happening because of any decrease in content quality or the interface, but just through numerous ads interrupting while starting any video.

Whenever you launch a video, it’s apparent to get at least 2 ads on the screen. On the other side, this new version is 100% ad-free, with neither banner ads nor video ads. You also won’t see any promotional links and non-skippable ads on here.

Use it as Secondary YouTube

ReVanced is giving a comeback with “Re” in the name for actualizing the name as a 2.0 version with many more features. But this doesn’t mean that all the old Advanced features will go apart from this app, as they’d also be there like the current option we’re referring to.

ReVanced Extended allows you to use the app as a secondary YouTube streaming option. In simple words, after having this app installed, you can use two different apps for streaming unique recommendations both the times and having multiple playlists.

Picture-in-Picture mode

This mode of YouTube streaming is the best part of the app for those who have important work to do, when streaming also needs a space in the room. You don’t need to have two different smartphones for this, as the ReVanced version will automatically create a picture-in-picture of video, like a small screen on the homepage and whatever app you’re going to use. You can slide to reposition the video screen, use the in-screen buttons, and enable background play from there.

Background Play

There are most of us, and right now, most stand for more than 70% of the YouTube population who get on the platform not to stream videos, but to listen to the music tracks. But listening also takes screen time and so forth, it reduces the phone’s battery. What if you get a feature to have a background play without watching video? That’s possible with ReVanced as all you require is to enable the Background Play and afterward you won’t even see the PIP on the screen while playing video.

Play on Locked Screen

Music listeners and video streamers can also try having the YouTube Background play on the Locked screen. The exact way you guys use Spotify, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, or Gaana, YouTube is going to work the same on the locked screen with the sound and no video over. That’d be a smooth feature of the ReVanced version, and listeners would mostly like it.

Custom Branding

When personalization isn’t possible on YouTube, some smart developers thought what if the humanly YouTube would look the way they wanted. I’m not talking about any kind of interior app customization possibility, but still, you can have the custom branding on this modded version. By Custom Branding, we mean that you can customize the interface with full control, while changing the launcher icon and renaming the app on the launcher with ease.

Enable Dislike Button

In early November 2021, YouTube announced that they’re finally removing the Dislike count from videos. Even now, you can like and dislike videos, but the count option is hidden on the official application. Well, that’s a good thing for YouTube creators, but we’re the traffic who need first to evaluate a video before watching. Let’s start using this new version with an enable Dislike button with the dislike counts available on it, so we can evaluate what’s good and what’s not.

Offline Download

Premium access also snatched a privilege from YouTube streamers to download the videos present on the platform for being only on the interface and not on the Internal Storage. My friends are still asking me how to get that thing back and keep the downloaded songs on YouTube itself. It’s not going to happen officially, and so you require the ReVanced version, as it allows you to use the Offline Download option with all the resolutions available.

Remove Channels’ Watermarks

Every creator on YouTube gets an option to stick a watermark that goes directly to their channel and is positioned in the bottom-right corner of the video panel. This watermark isn’t that big, but still, some people found it distracting and easy to click while enjoying the video and taking the current watching cursor to end seconds. With YouTube Extended, you can remove channels’ watermarks directly by enabling this toggle from the major app settings.

No Get Premium Button

There were numerous flaws on the YouTube Vanced app as per the finding of users who tried this app for so long on their smartphones. One of those flaws was the “Get YouTube Premium” button, which is stuck on the video library, even when they’re using a premium version with the modified version. ReVanced isn’t like that, as here you wouldn’t see any such option on the screen to disturb your streaming. All you’ll have would be the important watching features.


Every YouTuber is a sponsor these days. We know that it’s significant to earn money, and those sponsor companies pay them as monetization. But there are some viewers who really don’t want distraction between the best parts of the videos. Sponsor block once enabled, you’ll get an additional option to skip the sponsored segments of a particular video on the platform. This will not take any of your struggle and will skip the trash in just a moment.

Auto-Repeat videos

There are options if you have seen on the music players and video players that we get stock on our Android smartphones to enable the Repeat option. On YouTube, we get an AutoPlay button, but not a space for Auto Repeat videos by default. The modded version on the other side allows you to enable this feature, which automatically restarts the video once it ends to save your brawl going ahead and restarting the video. Try using it for listening to music in a loop.

Swipe Controls

YouTube recently introduced the swipe controls on the screen, by which you can automatically hold the screen and swipe to start the running video from a particular position. Moreover, you can also double-click the left and right sides for 10-sec forwarding and reversing videos. But this app offers you two more swipe gesture options, to let you swipe up-down to increase/decrease the brightness, and right screen same swiping for volume modification.

Customize Video Screen

The whole video screen can now be customized to your requirements. If you see all other things except for the video as a distraction and annoyance, you can customize the screen in a way of removing unimportant panels. If you just want to watch the video on full screen after clicking on it and don’t want description or comments, get to the settings and remove full-screen panels with ease.

Custom Playback Speed

There are some playback speed options in the YouTube app, through which you can choose the video running speed as per your desire. It initializes with the 0.25x and ends at 2x, and in between you get just eight speed options, neither below the minimum nor above the maximum. Elsewhere, the modded version allows users to select custom playback speed, including the ones beside 0.25x and others ahead 2x.

Use on Rooted and Unrooted phones

ReVanced YouTube has two different application package options, where you can choose, particularly for being a rooted or non-rooted device user. Remember, the features would be the same on both the app versions as they just have the different package extension. If you’re using a non-rooted device, use it as an APK file and install using the below installation procedure. Otherwise, there is also a Magisk Module, again installable through the below process.

Dark Mode (Amoled)

Dark Mode as usually available on YouTube apps is also available here on YouTube Premium with a different name, i.e., AMOLED. Enabling the Dark Mode will help you mostly at night to get a great vision on videos without facing worse effects on eyelids. If your Mom and Dad are asking you to keep the light on when watching YouTube at night, show them this privileged AMOLED Dark Mode with a featured low light display.

Hide Shorts Button

After YouTube added the Short videos to the interface for competing with the new get social media and video streaming applications. The bottom major tab of the interface included one more option within the last few tabs of Home, Trending, Create, Subscriptions, and Library. Now Shorts is also an option in the major tab even when some streamers don’t like it there. The mod version allows you to disable this shorts button in just a click like nothing happened.

Recent Quality Settings

The premium brand software doesn’t make many changes to their interface as you can see WhatsApp, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. They know very well about the inconvenience caused to app users after they even make slight changes to the interface. Likely, YouTube made a change recently on the quality adjustment tray and made it super complex. But the ReVanced cares about the ease, and that’s why you can change to the old quality settings with just the name of resolutions.

Auto Debugging

Trying a modified version of any application for the default browsing and utilization sometimes gets trickier when it causes lagging and causes some errors for the official app creating new policies apart from their convenience. This also happens with the official apps, as YouTube showed an error recently to all their streamers. In the case of ReVanced YouTube, there is a debugger already attached to the app that automatically debugs the errors and offers you seamless entertainment.

What is the Difference Between Vanced and ReVanced YouTube?

If even after finishing the complete thing, you think there are no differences between the current ReVanced YouTube app and the lastly created Vanced YouTube, then you are lacking to understand the new version completely.

There are a few differences which can’t be seen with a naked eye as the Advanced version is already disabled by the developers.

But we’re here to solve your doubts related to the difference between both the most used YouTube modifications.

Customization Options: There weren’t any customization options privileged in the old Vanced version of YouTube, but the ReVanced allows you to customize the app’s launcher icon and the name as per your desire. This allows you to track the app more instantly and enjoy it like you developed it on your own. Within that, there is also an option to customize and remove unimportant panels from the video screen.

Playback Speed: Playback Speed had only 8 options between 0.25x to 2x on YouTube and the old Vanced version, but our new ReVanced software allows users to choose any custom Playback speed as they want.

Unimportant Options: Some options on the app interface actually sound like trash in the old Vanced, including the additional button for watching Shorts, and that button in Library to Get Premium. Both are now removable from the interface with this new version to stream videos, as if you’re using the oldest YouTube back.

New Options: Some new options are there in the ReVanced YouTube that make the app different from Vanced. You’ll enjoy the ride of creator watermarks, old quality layout, Auto-Repeat option, and Sponsorblock to feel it as a new modified version.

YouTube Premium Mark: The Premium mark in the top-right corner of the YouTube app only comes either after you pay for the Premium subscription or use the ReVanced app. Vanced didn’t have this Premium mark available lastly.

How did we build this APK?

In my opinion, it wouldn’t be recommended to build any modified version by yourself, as coding different scripts isn’t a piece of cake. Still, there are a few tools that you can use, like the one we utilized for building the ReVanced YouTube APK, named ReVanced Builder.

This tool is developed by reisxd developer, and he’s quite good at developing such patcher apps.

Off-topic; if you’re trying to use a modded YouTube on your Tizen TV, he has recently developed the TizenTube that you can use. However, the tool is simple to use, but if you’re using an unrooted Android device, you first need to download the Termux tool by F-Droid.

This tool is used to code the linux access and install the patched version. So first you download and install that, and use the below command in there.

curl -sLo
chmod +x

After this, the app will get started installing on your smartphone, and later you’d see the list of apps you can patch. Select the YouTube app and hold up until the patcher will download files related to YouTube ReVanced Download. It’d soon get patched automatically, and you’re all done to go ahead.

In the future, if you want to reinstall the app in any case, you’ll find this app on the Internal Storage.

You can also perform directly a few procedures from the termux app using the below few commands per respective functionalities.

Run ReVanced Builder: ./
Reinstall the app: ./ reinstall
Update the app: ./ update
More available Commands: ./ help

How to Install YouTube ReVanced APK on Android?

You can install YouTube Premium on any Android smartphone with a few small steps. All these steps will take you to the manual installation, and that’s where you first need the application package file.

Must download it above with the MicroG services and whenever you’re ready, initialize with the below first step:

  1. Download MicroG if you haven’t downloaded it yet.
  2. Click the MicroG file and enable the Allow from this source by the Settings option on the next tab.
    Install YouTube ReVanced S1 Install YouTube ReVanced S2
  3. Get back after allowing and click the Install button to install MicroG.
    Install YouTube ReVanced S3
  4. Click the Done button after the app gets installed successfully.
    Install YouTube ReVanced S4
  5. Now, get back to the above download section and download the APK.
  6. Tap on the APK file.
    Install YouTube ReVanced S5
  7. Hit the Install button and wait for a few moments.
    Install YouTube ReVanced S6
  8. Open the app from the next prompt window.

Now you’re ready to use the ReVanced version. For adding the account, you need to click that top-right corner profile section.

And there you can add any of your Google Account for grabbing all those liked videos, watch later, Marked Playlists, and the Recommended Videos to a premium version of YouTube.

How to Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module on Rooted Android?

If you are using a rooted smartphone with the compatibility to install Magisk Module, you don’t need MicroG and can install an account to the app without it.

Basically, there is a module named MinDetach that we’ll use to detach the YouTube official app from Google Play Store and its services to make space for the ReVanced app for using system abilities to access official Google services. Again, this procedure is only for rooted smartphones.

  1. Click the download button for ReVanced YouTube Magisk Module.
  2. Launch the Magisk app on your device.
  3. Hit the Modules tab in the bottom-right corner.
    Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module S1
  4. Choose an option to Install from Storage.
    Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module S2
  5. Navigate to the recently downloaded Magisk module and select to open it.
    Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module S3 Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module S4
  6. The installation will get initialized and it’ll take a few moments.
    Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module S5
  7. After installation is done, get back to the Magisk Module and do the same procedure from Step 4-6 for flashing the MinDetach Module you downloaded from the above download link.
    Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module S6 Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module S7 Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module S8
  8. Reboot your smartphone after flashing this last module.
    Install YouTube ReVanced Magisk Module S9

Afterward, when you’ll launch the ReVanced YouTube from the app launcher, they’ll ask you to log in with a Google account through the official Google Services.

This way, your account is impossible to be suspended and all the services you’re using with the modded version will privilege you as the premium YouTube user.


Is YouTube ReVanced safe to use?

We can say that very well about YouTube ReVanced as after using it for so long and finding neither crashes nor any warnings from the official Google servers. It’d be a better option for having no online ads while streaming any YouTube video.

Which YouTube mod is best to use?

Once we had Vanced on the list, but it had a smaller age. The newer version, YouTube ReVanced is going to work for longer enough and will deliver you even more features. Start with more than the last features; feel what’s coming next.

Why is YouTube ReVanced crashing again and again?

Majorly, it’s a tweak of cache, so you can try clearing the cache on your phone. If not, it can also be possible that your phone got disrupted internet connection, or the MicroG stopped working. Check internet access and relogin MicroG.

What exactly does YouTube ReVanced do?

YouTube ReVanced works as the YouTube Premium subscribed already. It includes no online advertisements when you see any large videos or short videos on the interface, and you can use features like Background Play & Picture-in-Picture Mode.

What is MicroG and why is it important?

If you want to use the apps like YouTube ReVanced and other mods that require additional Google Play Service access, and get back your likes, watch later videos, subscribed creators, and the marked playlists.

How to use YouTube ReVanced on a PC?

Mostly, you can use an Android smartphone for streaming YouTube as an application software. But if you want entertainment on bigger screens, you can also try this app on your PC by installing it on an Android emulator like BlueStacks.

What is YouTube ReVanced official site?

YouTube ReVanced is a patched version which doesn’t have any official website. It gets modified and developed through a procedure that we listed above and used to provide you with this APK file. You can download it from here, this official source.

Can YouTube ReVanced use Background Play?

Yes, YouTube ReVanced is a modified app version, so it allows you to use the Background Play feature to play videos in the background while being on different apps, lock screen, or even through the picture-in-picture mode.

Why sponsorblock doesn’t work on YouTube ReVanced?

Sponsorblock isn’t an older feature, and that’s why the weight on its server is abnormal these days. It may not work for you as of now, but the patch developer team is working hard to get this feature to as many people as they can.

How to enable gestures on YouTube ReVanced?

If you want to enable the gestures for adjusting audio and the brightness of a YouTube video right through left and right seekbars, you need to open ReVanced Settings in the app’s Settings section. There you’d get the Gesture button listed to enable.


YouTube ReVanced is the best option for those who find YouTube so distracting and interrupting because of the online advertisements they see in there.

This one is a modified version and while removing ads from the app interface, it’ll also allow you to enable background play, PIP mode, and all other premium features for free.

Premium without payment is just a dream without the ReVanced version, make it true now.