ReVanced Manager

Download Official ReVanced Manager APK Latest Version for Android. Use it to Patch apps like YouTube, YT Music, Twitter, TikTok, Spotify, Reddit, Twitch, and many others.

Version 1.20.1

Easy Patch

Patch Multiple Apps

Constant updates

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Patching apps was once a superpower of an app we all still have on our tongue, Lucky Patcher. Although, the app supported only a few patches, whereas ReVanced Manager is here with more compatibility.

Patcher apps have their fan base all around the world. Everyone wants to use the Android apps like the premium users, but spending real money shouldn’t be part of the game. There we come with a patcher app’s requirement to patch the already installed and APK available application on storage to patch it with the included premium features. However, one patcher isn’t for all the apps, but ReVanced Manager is the king of patchers with so many capabilities.

This app is capable of patching most of the official applications that you use daily. This includes most of the social networking software, music listening apps, and majorly the YouTube Comrades. It’s the next upgraded version of the Vanced Manager you used before to get all the premium features of YouTube in YouTube Vanced and YouTube Music Vanced. Now, you can try downloading ReVanced YouTube and ReVanced Music APK from these links.

ReVanced Manager APK

The old-gen patcher was just capable of managing three apps, including MicroG, YouTube, and YouTube Music, but the current patcher app has the potential to patch many apps installed on your phone. It’s capable of working with some new apps, including Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify to get some premium features on Premium subscription container apps, and new additional options on the non-premium software.

What is ReVanced Manager APK?

ReVanced Manager is an android app patching software that allows you to patch and add so many new features to the already official applications. If you have gone through the roots of this technology, Lucky Patcher, the same way with more convenience is offered in the new exempted generation of patching. However, the number of apps available to get patched or modified isn’t as big as the Lucky Patcher, but still your most loved apps are capable.

Likewise, it also contains different features and accesses for the rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones. You will not have so many features and app patching access on the non-rooted devices, but still, most renowned apps can get patched. If all you need is the access to patch the renowned and most used android apps, such as TikTok, YouTube, YouTube Music, Twitter, Spotify, and Instagram.

You must be thinking quite in a way that YouTube comrades are good to go as they offer a premium plan, but what about those apps that don’t have any premium plan? For those apps, we have some additional features that the patcher will show you in the text before you will patch those apps. Every patching screen will contain the list of patches the app will make and the features you’ll get after installing the new version.

Download ReVanced Manager APK for Android

ReVanced Manager is easy to use among all the Android smartphones and people find it as the smartest way to patch applications. Basically, it takes the app from the already installed and downloaded APK formats in your phone’s local storage. If you’re using a rooted smartphone, most of the apps can be patched directly from the patcher screen. Otherwise, you’d be required to download a unique APK file from the browser app and patch it the same way.

It doesn’t mean that you should root your smartphone because the most important apps can be patched with ease even when you won’t download APK files. If the deal is with YouTube and YouTube Music, and you would rather not enhance the struggle by patching the app, we also avail you to download the already available ReVanced YouTube and ReVanced Music using these links.

Currently, as per your requirement, we have listed down below the ReVanced Manager APK file. After downloading it on your smartphone, you won’t have to go differently on any other website to learn app installation and patching procedures. Everything is handy, and we have listed below the procedures to everything related to this patching manager app. Foremost, you should click the below link and download the APK.

revanced favicon
App NameReVanced Manager
Requirements8.0 and up
Size45.3 MB
Last Updated1 day ago


  • Requires Android 8 or higher.
  • Not compatible with certain armv7 devices.
  • ALPHA version – May not function on all devices.

How to Install it?



Multiple features are presented by the current patcher that we are referring to, and after seeing them, it’d be simple for you to discriminate the older version as per its options. We know that the patcher you need must be convenient and gigantically compatible with immense android apps and that’s why we’re focusing on this version which provides you the superficial advantages as listed below:

Newly Added Apps

Lastly, the Vanced Manager you saw was compatible with mostly three different applications, and it was actually developed only to manage YouTube Vanced, Music Vanced, and MicroG. But the thing got too developed as of now. You are going to get newly compatible applications with this patcher app, and they will continuously offer you premium kinds of features.

Among the new apps, you can see ReVanced YouTube, ReVanced Music, MicroG, Spotify, Twitter, TikTok, and many more. We know that some of these apps don’t have any premium plan like TikTok and Twitter, but for such apps, the patcher provides you additional options such as media downloading.

Ad-free Interface

There would be simply zero interruptions with the new patcher here, which is the ReVanced one. Vanced had a few online interrupting ads which came in front of people patched apps, added features, installed the patched applications, and downloaded the Vanced applications. But ReVanced Manager is eternally ad-free, so there won’t either be any sponsored or banner ads on the app’s screen.

Now Patch Official Apps

The thing is officially alright. Numerous patcher apps, including the Vanced Manager, let you download the patched apps with the different names and installation package names. But that’s not any deal.

You can now patch the official applications that you have already installed on your phone within the apps for which you have the official APK file stored in the Internal Storage. Although, patching would be much easier for rooted smartphones as most apps don’t need any APK file there to get patched like the problem with non-rooted devices.

Media Download Feature

You had a query before about the official apps that don’t provide any premium subscription on their app’s interface, like Twitter, and TikTok. What would be the additional features after patching these apps? Basically, the after patching features on these apps, mostly you’ll see would be the media download option to download short videos on Twitter and TikTok. Except for that, you will also see some additional features on the patcher screen every time.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is everywhere these days and people are loving it on different applications for having an aesthetic look with less light impacts on eyes. Still, there are a few apps that don’t contain any dark mode, and even while they have those modes, they don’t look gorgeous in such mode. Here, the ReVanced Manager allows you to patch apps with the AMOLED Dark Mode, which is too effective to look aesthetic to you.

YouTube Premium Logo

The Vanced YouTube in the last era of YouTube modification contained a disadvantage which will not be any headache to you. In the place of YouTube, which is officially engraved on the app interface at the top of the UI, will now be marked as Premium, like what actual YouTube Premium users see on their devices while streaming the YouTube videos. At the same time, you will not find any Get YouTube Premium tab on the YouTube interface like the old Vanced.

Included Debugger

Patched applications most of the time lag and glitches just because of the incompatible devices, and settings, and whenever the official protocol creates a newer version, the older start showing bugs. However, these things don’t happen in the case of ReVanced Manager, as it includes an auto debugger add-on with the app. It automatically debugs most of the errors and bugs to help you with all the exclusive premium features and no interrupting bugs.

Repair Wrecked Features

There are some features that you may have seen on numerous software that shows you some wrecked features. This also happens because of a few incompatibilities. When you patch such applications with the ReVanced Manager, the patched application would be a compressed and fastened version with the wrecked features repaired as per your device’s configurations. It’ll also be shown among the patches for each of the apps you’re going to modify.

One Click Patching

People consider modified applications to be complicated developments, but these days some techies are creating their own patched mod apps using the convenient patcher apps. ReVanced Manager is also one of the most convenient patcher apps that allows you to patch apps in just a single click. Whichever app you want to patch, just 4click and open it to find out the patches you can have for it, and just one-click the patch button. It’ll take some time, after which you can install the patched version.

How to Install ReVanced Manager APK on Android?

ReVanced Manager app is the pleasant sounding patcher app, but some homies feel unpleasant while knowing that it’s not available on Google Play Store. Those apps which are not available on the Play Store, they need to be installed manually as an APK file with a few steps to be followed. Well, that’s not any unpleasant, as it’s easier to understand and follow the below steps for installing ReVanced Manager.

Moreover, we have different procedures for the installation of this app on differently categorized android phones, where one category contains rooted smartphones, and others contain non-rooted ones.

For Non-Rooted Smartphones

Firstly, we’ll discuss the generic smartphones which are non-rooted as it is. You’d be glad to know that most of the apps are easily patchable even through the non-rooted smartphones. So that it’s not that mandatory to root your device for using all the services offered by ReVanced Manager. If you’re using a non-rooted device, follow the below steps to install the app:

  1. Click the above download link and download the app for your device.
  2. After downloading it, open it through the notification panel.
  3. Click Allow from this source to install the app directly through your browser.
  4. Get back, and you’ll see an Install button as shown below.
  5. Click the Install button and wait until the app gets installed on your device.

After a while, you will start seeing ReVanced Manager as one of the apps in your phone’s app installer. So you can run it from there and patch your favorite app using a procedure shown in the next section of the same article.

For Rooted Smartphones

After we learned installation of ReVanced Manager on non-rooted smartphones, now is the time to install the app on rooted smartphones. Well, it’s not that different from install the app on rooted smartphones, when contested to the non-rooted installation.

After following all the above steps, you just need to grant the root permission to the app on the rooted android smartphones. That’s the only thing you should do, and afterward the ReVanced Manager would get ready to serve you with a blossom of benefits.

However, as we told you above, rooted smartphones aren’t that important to use this app as it also works properly in the non-rooted ones. But still, there is a convenience in the number of steps followed to proceed patching apps, and installing MicroG that you don’t need to do in rooted devices.

How to Patch Apps in ReVanced Manager?

As you have got the access to the Revanced Manager app on your android device, now you’re ready to patch the apps and give them the newest usage means.

Similar to the Lucky Patcher patching software, this app would also offer you simple process side and if you want thorough knowledge, you can reflect to all the below steps:

  1. Install and launch the ReVanced Manager app on your phone.
  2. Among the major tabs on the bottom panel, open the Patcher section.
  3. Select the app that you want to patch with this patcher app.
  4. Click the Storage option and select the APK file that you want to patch.
  5. Finally, click Select Patches to see the patches you can install to the app.
  6. Now you will see all those patches listed altogether. Mark whichever you need to install.
  7. Click the Done button to confirm selecting patches.
  8. Hit the Patch button in the bottom-right corner.
  9. Wait for the app to get patched successfully and afterward you’d see two options, Install, and Install as Root.
  10. If you’re using a rooted smartphone, Install it as Root, and otherwise just click the Install button.
  11. Enable Allow from this source if you’ve been asked to allow third-party installation from ReVanced Manager.
  12. Click the Install button on the prompt notification window to start installing the app.
  13. Once you have installed the app, you’ll get an option to Open. Click it!

Except for choosing an APK from the storage folder, you can also choose among the already installed apps, but it shows errors while reinstalling apps on some devices. Select the best patches and patch an app for you right now to get surrounded by some premium features.


Once we got the Vanced Manager, we were capable of patching and managing the YouTube Vanced, and Music Vanced applications. But ReVanced Manager allows us to patch more than 10 different applications just because of its vast compatibility.

You can either install the already patched apps like YouTube ReVanced, YouTube Music ReVanced, TikTok ReVanced, ReVanced MicroG, or patch it directly from the official patcher interface. Enjoy the vastness of this patcher app.