TikTok ReVanced

Download TikTok ReVanced APK Latest Version for Android. With this, you can Download TikTok Videos without Watermark, No Ads and More.

Version 32.5.3

Ad-Free experience

Remove Watermark

No Download Restrictions

Playback Speed

Watching short videos is the best deed to cut off the boring time out of our whole day. Now tell me who can beat the TikTok in streaming and downloading short videos.

Is TikTok being boring nowadays? Are you finding any other short video applications to finally get rid of TikTok just because of a few incompatibilities and lack of features? Or is TikTok banned in your region? All problems point finger to a single solution, which is TikTok ReVanced, a patched version of TikTok. There are many creators recording and editing the best videos just for getting your reviews. Let’s raise our hands with the ReVanced app.

If modified app versions sound quite dangerous to you because of the codes and scripts added in it, you can download patched ones with minimal scripts added by an automated bot. This ReVanced version of TikTok is also developed using a patcher app, and it’s not a simplistic patcher version, but the most impactful ReVanced Manager known eternally for getting access to the YouTube Premium subscription for absolutely free.

TikTok ReVanced APK

Talking partially about the TikTok ReVanced version, it’s one of the many variants ever developed, but the features it covers are really inevitable. There are some options that you may be finding and commenting on the TikTok’s app store pages for asking them to add, but not finally getting them. ReVanced is free from advertisements and allows you to download any short video with its capability to work even with the restricted videos and regions.

What is TikTok ReVanced?

If you consider TikTok to be the best short video platform, then yes, according to the content and the creators available on this platform, based only on the short videos, it’s a massive platform. Even the most renowned applications changed their perspective and created new features like Short Videos and Reels just after seeing the generational additions by TikTok. But everything goes to the dark side when we don’t get the bright sides that we want.

By bright sides of TikTok, I mean the capability to download videos, seeking videos by sliding them like Instagram, changing playback speed to the custom ones, and changing the path of saving downloaded TikTok videos. These are only the most important five features asked by the TikTok users from the official app developers, but they are still mentioned in the comment box of Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

They won’t be there anymore after you’ll see the magical features of TikTok ReVanced. This is the modified version of TikTok with plenty of patches responsible to deliver you a TikTok that actually helps build convenience and creativity altogether. Say Bye to the official TikTok app and get switched today to this newer evolution of TikTok by a GitHub developer named j-hc. In all the matters of the article below, you will find out all the information about this freebie.

Download TikTok ReVanced for Android

We all have a thought in our mind buzzing our heads that TikTok isn’t the only short video platform and there are many of them with the more amazing interface and futuristic options. However, it’s not us lying to ourselves, but the TikTok app actually contains a few disadvantages or what we can call a lack of advantages. TikTok ReVanced is there to be all on your side, and you can download it right now from the below web link.

TikTok ReVanced Logo
App NameTikTok ReVanced
Requirements5.0 and up
Size251 MB
Last Updated1 day ago


  • Eliminates download restrictions and alters the default download path.
  • Removes ads and live streams.
  • Enables Google account login.
  • Spoofs SIM card-retrieved info.
  • Additional patches.

How to Install it?

We have put the latest version of TikTok ReVanced on the above link so that you can simply hit the above link using your Android phone and allow the permission to download it. After these two steps, the application package will get installed on your device, which means that it’ll activate your capability to install the app finally using the manual installation procedure.

Within this app, you can also download the ReVanced Manager from this link to manage it properly with the latest updates and patches installation.

Credit: ReVanced Team | J-hc | XDA Developers


Most of us call these as features, advantages, but developers call them patches. The TikTok ReVanced app includes so many patches which gives passage to enormous possibilities apart from just watching those short videos. Some things would be there in your mind to choose and get on your new TikTok app, and some would be the hidden, surprising options. Nevertheless, we’re here to help you acknowledge it completely with all the patches below:

Custom Playback Speed

TikTok while playing short videos doesn’t share any option to switch or change the Playback speed of the video. There are many short video lovers who really want the small and instant packet of enjoyments, but they cannot spend a lot of time watching the bigger TikTok videos. All these users can install this new version and use a button to switch the custom playback speed for fastening or slowing the short and long videos.

Download Restricted Videos

TikTok includes a massive library of videos where you will see enormous region creators creating the obsessive videos for you. But when we go to download those videos to our phone’s local storage, most of them sound restricted to be downloaded. Moreover, there isn’t any premium plan to have those videos downloaded officially. On the other hand, TikTok ReVanced allows you to download even the restricted videos using the same Download button.

Custom Download Path

Usually, when you download a video from TikTok by using the offline download feature, it gets saved to a predefined download path, which is inside the TikTok folder. There are so many users who want an additional option to change this download path to a custom path they want to save those videos in. Again, as a privilege of this patched version, you can customize the download path to any of your desired one, when using the above feature, you can download any video.

Remove Watermark from Edits

There are many creators on TikTok who’re using multiple platforms to help their traffic get the best videos everywhere. Among many such apps, TikTok is the most influential video editing and creation platform that avails you to use so many features which aren’t even there on Instagram or Snapchat. But the problem with the official app is the TikTok watermark on every video. Unlike that one, the patched version lets you remove the watermark from your edits in one click.

No advertisements

The TikTok app has no online banner or on frame advertisements, like the other apps that interrupt people with Google Ads. But it got the advertisements in the same format of short videos. Every so often, when I scroll through the videos and an ad falls suddenly on the screen. It seems impossible for me to understand and finally, after a huge time-wasting, the creator comes in front and shows the sponsored product.

In my opinion, that’s the worst type of advertising based on the streamers’ perspective, and there are many of us who want them to get away from TikTok. Keeping the same opinion, the mod developer has disabled the online advertisements from TikTok and while using that interface, you can use the same scrolling but without short ads.

Auto Debugger

Sometimes it seems that there is no need for Debugger add-ons while using the brand apps like TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify as they already work so hard on fixing them all and contain the non-laggy bug-free interface. But who knows what’s going to be there ahead when using a patched app. This will not be your statement when you’ll use ReVanced TikTok app as it contains the auto debugger which debugs the errors and bugs regularly when the app gets one.

Hide Livestreams

If I want to watch short videos, it means that I only would like to watch short videos, neither long videos nor the Livestreams added a few months ago on TikTok. These Livestreams get in front of watching the short videos and interrupt our short video streaming vibe for a while. Moreover, there isn’t even any option in the TikTok settings to disable these live streams for the next time when you use TikTok.

Don’t worry as the patched app has this option to hide Livestreams, and after enabling it, you will never see them again on the UI. Even if you’re rebooting the app or the complete device, there would be no option to Livestreams on the ReVanced version.

Seekbar for all Videos

Did you know that Instagram got a rapid growth in its traffic after they got Seekbar for seeing the videos from wherever you want? That’s also a feature on TikTok, but not for all the videos. You can only use a seekbar in the larger videos, and if you want to get on any Keyframe of the remaining short videos, there is no other option to do that.

In contrast, the modified version has got a free Seekbar for all the videos, including the larger videos, and short videos. You can seek the video time to any seconds or minutes just by touching and sliding the Seekbar like YouTube. Have an immersive watching experience!

Use in Restricted Regions

There are a few restricted regions where TikTok is banned by the country. These regions include India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Indonesia, Taiwan, and many more. If you live in any of these countries, or the Google Play Store isn’t showing the TikTok app option for you, TikTok ReVanced can be your thing.

By simply spoofing the SIM Card information and keeping it not in the front of TikTok servers, this app allows you to watch all those TikTok videos and enjoy the extraordinary features that even the official TikTok users can’t. However, creating a restricted-region profile and adding videos wouldn’t be that easy, though.

Log-In with Google Account

TikTok offers their users options to log in and sign up an account with Email, Facebook, Google, and Twitter. And you’d be glad after know that the patched version also allows you to log in with Google so that you can keep all your favorite videos and bookmarked livestreams altogether. This cloud feature is the best way of saving videos and following the new creators to be updated about what they’re adding and keep them all motivated by those following.

How to Install TikTok ReVanced APK on Android?

We’re now well-informed about the TikTok and its patched version, which is offered above as an APK file. APK stands for Android package, so it simplifies the rule that you can only install this app on the Android smartphones, neither the iOS ones nor any other operating system-based devices. If you’re all set to go with all the features that we listed above, proceed to the steps as follows:

  1. Click the above download link and download TikTok ReVanced APK to your device.
  2. When you have the APK file downloaded, click it through the notification panel.
  3. Enable Allow from this source toggle for installing an app directly from a browser.
  4. Get back from allowing screen, and you’ll then see an Install option on the window.
  5. Click this Install button and wait for a while until you see the success message for installation.

Once you have installed the app successfully, you can click the Open button and login through Google to start your most entertained journey of short videos. Inside the app interface, you’ll find the different sections for the patched options, and from there you can choose them to get ahead.


If we’re talking here right now, it simply means that you have installed the TikTok ReVanced app on your phone. Accordingly, it means that you are ready to download all those restricted videos, stream without advertisements, and use the seek bar in all of them. You can mark my words that this app will make you feel more adored than the official TikTok app on your smartphone.

From now on, you won’t think of yourself like a normal TikTok user, but a premium short video watcher. Happy journey to the best streaming experience!