Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions which were frequently asked on the forum of ReVanced applications. So we thought of them being important to be posted with the perfect answers on here. All the official FAQs are listed down below.

What is ReVanced?

ReVanced is a patcher community that developed the universal patching app named ReVanced Manager within a few patched APK files, such as ReVanced YouTube, ReVanced Music, TikTok ReVanced, and ReVanced MicroG. The similar way through which you got to use the premium features of YouTube for free through Vanced, ReVanced would be more efficient and privileged.

Is it safe to use ReVanced Manager?

Yeah, ReVanced Manager is safe to use as the developers had built this app Reisxd builder, through which you can also create your own patched applications. This app can be used for installing patches to most renowned apps in just a click and then downloading the patched version.

Why ReVanced keep crashing on my device?

The only recommended configuration to stop ReVanced crash on your device is to disable the Battery Optimization for that particular app. You can do this differently through the Battery tab of the Settings app on your android phone.

How to Solve Buffering Issue in ReVanced YouTube?

You might see crazy buffering while watching videos on ReVanced YouTube. It can be resolved by following the below steps:

1.) Launch the app and get to the Settings panel.
2.) Open ReVanced tab from the Settings.
3.) Now go through the Misc settings.
4.) Finally, enable Spoof app signature, and later you won’t see long buffering issues.

How does ReVanced work?

ReVanced Manager is a basic patcher application that delivers you the most tweaking open-source patches. It can create patches for most of the compatible apps, and you can then apply those patches to rebuild and install a new version of that app with those features. Similar to the last Vanced Manager and Lucky Patcher, it works uniquely. Rooted smartphones can install the patched apps with the same package name, whereas unrooted ones need APK files to patch.

Does ReVanced support non-rooted smartphones?

Yeah, ReVanced supports both rooted and non-rooted android smartphones. However, a few convenience-based differences will be there between usages of the same app on these two categorized devices. As the rooted phones allow to patch most of the installed apps directly with the same package name, but non-rooted ones require base APK files to patch.

Will ReVanced work for a long time with future YouTube updates?

After using Vanced Manager and the YouTube premium patched by Vanced, many people started feeling so affected by it when it got disabled. But don’t worry, ReVanced is an elevated version of the last patcher which is going to build the updated patches for the upcoming newer updates of YouTube.

Do ReVanced have patches for YouTube Music?

Yeah, ReVanced got all the premium option patches for the YouTube Music and you can install them the same way you installed them on YouTube. Except for that, if you don’t want to go patching them one by one, you can also click this link and download the already patched ReVanced Music APK.

Does Vanced still work?

Yeah, Vanced still works, but the official web pages that contained its updates got disabled. Still, you can download it from many mirror websites.

Is ReVanced a new version of Vanced?

Nah, ReVanced is a different app in itself, but the name is chosen just to be convenient in your mind as most of you may have used Vanced before for patching the apps similarly as this one.


After the official FAQs, you may have some troubleshooting errors for which you may find the resolutions. In the below list, we’ll include all the important errors and troubleshoots.

Why is ReVanced YouTube showing No Internet Connection?

If it’s showing “No Internet Connection”, you may have to log in again through ReVanced MicroG and reinstall the app. It’ll surely solve the error.

Why is YouTube crashing after being patched with ReVanced Manager?

If you’re using an unrooted smartphone and then seeing this problem, then you may need the MicroG for logging into the Google Account first. Install this app from here and try launching the app once again.

Why isn’t history being saved on YouTube ReVanced?

This can be resolved just by whitelisting in the ad-blocker.

Why is the Player UI being stuck while streaming videos?

Being a newer patched version of YouTube premium, the app gets stuck because of a few unknown errors. We’re trying to update the new scripts to avoid this problem, but until then, you can restart the app whenever this happens.

How to get back the Shorts button on YouTube ReVanced?

It’s one of the ReVanced patches that hides the Shorts button, but you can get it back by navigating through Settings > ReVanced > Layout and on that location you’ll find the Show Shorts button tab. Enable this toggle and the Shorts button would be back.

Why Google login isn’t working on ReVanced YouTube?

If you’re using an unrooted smartphone, Google services won’t work with the ReVanced YouTube, as it already has a package name and connection to the official YouTube app. In this case, you need to install ReVanced MicroG, and then you can log in to your account from there.

Where to download APK files to patch with ReVanced Manager?

It’s an additional step with the unrooted smartphones that they need to download the base APK files for patching them. But you can use the official mirror websites for downloading those versions, like the APKMirror.

How to resolve “Installation is blocked due to a conflict with an existing installation” error?

This problem will only be there on your phone’s screen after installing a patched version, when the official app is already installed on your phone. Just uninstall the official one first and then install the patched app to get rid of this error.

Why is Sponsorblock not working properly?

Sponsorblock is a new feature, and that’s why the father servers of this feature aren’t responding at a high volume. Don’t worry, it’d soon be enabled once again.